Why do I need a storefront for headless?

Confidently run and evolve one of your biggest revenue drivers.

Prioritize your key revenue driver

The web storefront can represent millions – even billions – in revenue, but it’s often an afterthought when going headless.

The storefront should be at the forefront of a digital transformation because your commerce or content solution won’t handle storefront operations in a headless environment. If your website isn’t up and running smoothly, you’re losing money on one of your biggest revenue drivers.


Confidently run & evolve your digital CX

The most challenging part of the web storefront isn’t the website code and design, it’s the operational pieces.

The Mobify storefront hosts, secures, scales, and monitors your website to reduce the risk and stress of operating and evolving your digital customer experience. You get the confidence and agility to roll out CX improvements quickly, reliably, and safely.

“We wanted an open presentation layer that could help unify our entire architecture. This enabled us to use our best-of-breed ecommerce, CMS and personalization solutions and turn our focus to creating, testing and optimizing front-end solutions that are critical to winning over customers.”

Dirk Lauber

Chief Digital Officer

Is your storefront covered?

Not sure if your storefront is covered? Here are 5 questions to ask your team.

  1. Who will own the uptime SLA for the shopper experience and be on the hook if it crashes?
  2. How will the storefront scale to ensure optimal performance during peak traffic?
  3. How will you ensure the site is secure and PCI compliant?
  4. How will the shopper experience be monitored to ensure errors are caught and addressed immediately?
  5. Will it be possible to immediately roll back the site if changes have negative business impacts?

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