Mobify Studio: the Fastest Way to Build Adaptive Mobile Websites

Intro to Mobify Studio for Designers and Developers from Mobify on Vimeo.

Today we’re happy to publicly announce our new product for web designers and web developers to build amazing mobile websites – Mobify Studio.

Watch the video introduction above from our VP of User Experience, Dave Shea and read the full press release below.

Better yet, try Mobify Studio for free.

New Mobify Studio Launches as the Fastest Way to Build Rich, Adaptive Mobile Websites

With Mobify Studio, web designers and developers can access the same mobile web development tools, framework and platform as e-commerce giants Starbucks, Expedia and British Telecom.

Mobify releases a new Mobify Studio, a free web-based editor that lets designers and developers remix the HTML, CSS and JavaScript of their websites to create adaptive sites that work on any device, such as smartphones and tablets. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface fills a gap in the market for an accessible and enterprise-grade solution that’s fast and easy for web developers and designers who want to build one website for any device.

With Gartner analysts predicting tablet sales of 119 million units this year, it’s critical that developers build websites that work on any device, … This year’s data from Mobify’s e-commerce customers, encompassing nearly 200 million website visitors, shows that already 8% of those visitors are using an iPad to shop online, and that’s before the iPad Mini launch.

  • Igor Faletski, Mobify CEO.

Despite soaring smartphone and tablet-adoption statistics many websites still render awkwardly or just don’t work on mobile devices. “We built Mobify Studio to give web developers and designers the tools and power to create rich, adaptive websites. Visitors coming to their websites get a great experience, no matter which device they use,” added Faletski.

To build an adaptive website with Mobify Studio, developers use an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface to choose elements and styles from any desktop site and then remix, reconfigure and restyle them. Once deployed to the Mobify Cloud platform, the result is an optimized mobile and tablet experience. With Mobify Studio’s visual editor, web designers and developers can:

  • Quickly create a mobile website using an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. Then, perfect it by downloading source files and using local developer tools for Mobify.js, an open source client-side web framework.
  • Remix content using Mobify’s Client-Side Adaptation.
  • Build on the web standards they already know, like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Automatically optimize images for maximum performance with small images delivered to low-resolution screens and larger images delivered high-definition screens, like Retina displays.
  • Manage the scripts and CSS that run on different devices to ensure fast website load times and the right assets on the right device.

This [two-minute video introduces how Mobify Studio adapts and remixes a desktop site for any mobile device][].

Other benefits of using Mobify to deploy adaptive websites include:

  • Maintaining the same URL for desktop, mobile and iPad sites.
  • Sharing the same content across sites, so updates happen instantly on all devices.
  • Built-in, fully tested modules for common design patterns like mobile carousels, accordions and image zooming.

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About Mobify

Mobify ( is an open platform for making any website adaptive to any device: smartphones, tablets, iPad and more. Developers remix HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Mobify Studio and Mobify.js to build adaptive web experiences, and to ensure fast, reliable mobile web performance running onMobify Cloud.

Mobify powers more than 20,000 mobile sites and \$100-million in mobile commerce revenues, reaches 20% of global smartphone subscribers and is the development framework of choice for more than 75,000 web developers and designers. Enterprise customers include Starbucks, British Telecom, Expedia, Bosch, Ideeli and online t-shirt specialist, Threadless.

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[two-minute video introduces how Mobify Studio adapts and remixes a desktop site for any mobile device]: