Mobify Named a Leader among Mobile Engagement Solution Providers, Q1 2016 for Mobile Web by Independent Research Firm

VANCOUVER, BC, Jan 20, 2016 – Mobify announced today that The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Commerce And Engagement Platforms Q1 2016 report names Mobify as a leader in Mobile Engagement Solution Providers for Mobile Web. Mobify tied for the highest scores in innovation, customer feedback, and supporting services, and was cited for offering web and app push notification messaging and a mobile location marketing suite as part of its platform, in addition to being one of three vendors to achieve “nearly perfect scores in core mobile web capabilities.”

“We’re very pleased to be named a leader for Mobile Engagement Solutions For Mobile Web,” said Mobify CEO Igor Faletski. “In a fast-paced market where new technology and innovation continue to power growth, we’re excited to be bringing lots of great products to market that help our customers grow faster through superior mobile customer engagement.”

Mobify was among the select companies Forrester invited to participate in its report on Mobile Commerce and Engagement Platforms, which identifies the 10 most significant vendors in a 41-criteria evaluation based on current offering strategy and market presence. Mobify was one of three vendors to “achieve nearly perfect scores in core mobile Web capabilities.

“As eBusiness professionals align their mobile strategies with the new demands of omnichannel shoppers, they are looking for mobile retail vendors that will simultaneously grow revenues, deliver value within the mobile experience, offer solutions that enhance in-store shopping, and help them stay on the cutting edge of mobile commerce innovation,” the report states. Mobify is one of two vendors that has “continued to show a commitment to improving their solutions, and the growth of their client portfolios is a reflection of them staying relevant in this ever-changing, high-demand market,” the report states.

Mobify was also named a “strong performer” in Mobile Engagement Solution Providers for the Mobile Apps category in the report.

“Unlike some other vendors that offer either proxy transformation or screen-scrape solutions, Mobify’s solution does all the heavy lifting on the client device, using its proprietary JavaScript framework to adapt the existing desktop site to the desired mobile or tablet experience. One of the advantages of this approach is that all touchpoints are accessed using the same URL, which improves link integrity,” the report states.

Innovation is a core focus at Mobify, where its mobile customer engagement platform is the first to fully integrate customer location marketing across the entire platform. Combining these key innovations into a feature-rich, easy to deploy, mobile-first platform allows Mobify customers to focus on campaigns and content that makes shopping a compelling experience for consumer journeys across three channels – in store, online and mobile. Mobify’s customers analysis shows implementing Mobify yields an overall average 82% improvement in mobile conversion rates and a 137% increase in revenue when upgrading from proxy/m-dot technologies.

About Mobify

Mobify delivers technology and services that help companies engage connected consumers to increase revenue online and in-store. Mobify’s mobile customer engagement platform creates powerful mobile web and native applications and delivers the latest mobile push notification and location-based technology across all mobile devices. Delivered via the cloud and implemented with on-page tag technology that minimizes IT involvement, Mobify has more mobile experience and expertise than any traditional technology vendor, ensuring the best possible mobile experience and revenue outcomes. Innovative companies around the world have chosen Mobify, including Ann Taylor, Crocs, Carnival Cruises, Bosch, Superdry, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Bahama and Beyond the Rack. Learn more or follow us on Twitter @mobify.