Mobify Launches Integrated Mobile and Tablet Optimization Product

Extends mobile commerce through a single framework that optimizes for all devices – tablet, mobile, TV, kiosks and any new web-connected device.

VANCOUVER, BC – Mobify, a web platform that powers over 20,000 mobile websites, has launched an integrated optimization product is designed to leverage existing websites from any device, including tablet, mobile, kiosks, TVs and any web-connected device.

As the mobile market diversifies and expands, unified access regardless of device will be of increasing importance for e-commerce and multi-channel seller’s mobile commerce strategy.

Mobify’s tablet product enables brands to take advantage of the rapidly growing ‘tablet economy’ by delivering a rich, beautiful, high-performing site for their tablet visitors. According to a Pew Internet study, tablet ownership nearly doubled this past holiday season, reaching 19% of U.S. adults.

Optimizing for tablets allows companies to provide users with faster load times, optimized text and page sizes, and a swipe-friendly interface that takes full advantage of touch-based navigation with tactile image carousels and other widgets. This translates into lower bounce rates, increased conversions, and more community participation across the growing number of tablet users.

“By extending the Mobify Platform to tablets, we’re helping our customers tap into an extremely lucrative opportunity. Tablets have already had a profound impact on mobile commerce and we’re just in the early stages of this tablet economy,” said Mobify CEO, Igor Faletski. “The Mobify platform has a proven 100-day ROI with smartphones and we’re confident we can extend the same to tablets.”

Mobify gives marketers and developers full control over their website on every device, in real-time, and without using external third party proxy servers that scrape and transcode content in shadow sites which create device-dependent dead-ends. The secret is in the Mobify.js JavaScript client-side transformation framework.

Tablet optimization is a natural extension of Mobify’s strategy to deliver a seamless web experience through one domain name no matter the device or operating system.

The JavaScript-based Mobify platform powers some of the largest sites on the mobile web, serving millions of pages a day and reaching 20% of global smartphone subscribers. Customers include Starbucks, Ideeli, Threadless, LuluLemon, Wired, Men’s Health, Teen Vogue, and more.

About Mobify

Mobify ( is changing the mobile web experience by giving marketers and developers control over mobile. Its open mobile platform makes it easy for website owners to launch a high-quality mobile version, integrating popular analytics and marketing channels like search, email and social media.. Mobify’s goal is to build a truly mobile web, where every website delivers an amazing experience on every device. Mobify is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Mobify-powered websites reach over 20 percent of global smartphone subscribers.