Mobify Launches Accelerated Mobile Pages for Commerce, Delivers Fastest-Loading Ecommerce Beauty Site

VANCOUVER, B.C., May 17, 2017  Mobify®, the #1 provider of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for ecommerce, today announced early-access availability of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for customers of the Mobify Platform. Mobify has launched AMP for commerce pages with existing customer Lancôme. Early results show a four times faster load time for AMP pages – from 4 seconds down to 1 second. A new strategic partner case study launched today by Google details Lancôme’s Mobify-developed approach to delivering a high-conversion, app-like experiences on the mobile web.  

“What Mobify has done is magic,” says Lancôme Vice President of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Malik Abu-Ghazaleh. “With our internal mobile benchmarks showing that our site is even faster than Amazon, we’re confident shoppers discovering products from search engines are now getting the best possible first impression from our site.”

With studies continuing to show the correlation between mobile website speed and conversion rates, the Mobify Platform leverages the two latest technologies for speed – AMP and PWA – combining them with optimization best-practices to achieve the fastest speeds available on the market. Mobify has already seen PWAs deliver mobile web speeds up to four times faster than adaptive or responsive web approaches. AMP for commerce extends speed even further by enabling pages to load almost instantly from search results.

“Most retailers are struggling with flat or declining organic search traffic,” explains Mobify Chief Product Officer Peter McLachlan. AMP turns the tide by promoting results for organic search terms to the top of the search engine result page.

Mobile shoppers clicking through from Google search typically experience slow initial page load times, causing customer drop-off before the page even loads. With AMP for commerce, versions of a website’s common landing pages are cached on Google’s servers, allowing those pages to be previewed directly in search results and load instantaneously. The Mobify approach to PWAs allows retailers to launch AMP variations of common landing pages with minimal effort, so that shoppers discovering products from search engines receive the best first impression when interacting with their brand.

Lancôme’s mobile site takes advantage of Mobify’s unique approach to making mobile shopping friction-free. The new Lancôme site is a finalist in the Mobile Commerce category for the Internet Retailer Excellence Awards being held June 7 at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago.

Additionally, Mobify is showcasing Lancôme’s site, along with the new Mobify Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, at the Salesforce XChange conference in Las Vegas May 16-17. The conference will feature a presentation, The Beauty is in the Details: Lancôme’s High-Converting Mobile Commerce Strategy with Lancôme’s Abu-Ghazaleh and Mobify’s McLachlan.

Available Immediately

AMP is included as a new feature of the Mobify Platform. Core components include an AMP user interface kit containing best practices for ecommerce AMP-compliant designs, together with the Mobify software developer kit (SDK) for adding AMP pages to any PWA. A pre-built AMP component library and integration with ecommerce backends speeds time to market, while AMP analytics allow for tracking bounces, click-throughs, and conversions.

With Mobify AMP-enabled PWAs, retailers can:

  • Grow organic traffic by 10-20% with retail’s fastest loading landing pages, along with  the speediest site navigations and smoothest paths to checkout
  • Leverage design and implementation best practices based on the performance of major global brands experiencing high conversion rates from mobile
  • Lower costs of development and maintenance to power rapid mobile innovation

Mobify’s AMP solution for commerce joins other built-in solutions that make Mobify the most experienced vendor in creating seamless customer journeys, including Web Push Notifications for commerce and payment technologies such as  Apple Pay and Google’s Payment Request API. Mobify’s recently launched Mobify Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is also a built-in component of the Mobify approach, offering ecommerce customers a fast path to upgrading their sites to high-converting Progressive Web Apps.

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Mobify is the #1 provider of Progressive Web Apps for ecommerce for retailers and brands that want to close the gap between desktop and mobile conversion rates, keep up with customer expectations and win loyal customer relationships. The Mobify Platform delivers a unified customer experience across mobile web and apps, while building customer relationships through push notifications and store drivers. Leading global brands including Lancôme, Crabtree & Evelyn, Paula’s Choice, Carnival Cruise Line, London Drugs, Burlington, PureFormulas, Superdry, Columbia, eXtra Electronics, and ThinkGeek generate extensive revenue through the Mobify Platform and rely on Mobify to grow their customer lifetime value.

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