Mobify Introduces Front-end as a Service to Power More Innovative, Agile Digital Experiences

VANCOUVER, BC, May 21, 2019 — Mobify today announced the launch of the Mobify Front-end as a Service, a powerful new way to build, test, run and evolve fast, immersive front-end experiences for businesses looking to differentiate based on the quality of their digital customer experiences.

Ideally suited to enterprises moving to “headless” architectures, the Mobify Front-end as a Service is being deployed by innovative businesses around the world to power API-driven front-end experiences such as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for mobile, tablet and desktop, as well as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and native apps, along with future touchpoints like voice, chat, and augmented and virtual reality. As an API-driven solution, Mobify’s Front-End as a Service contrasts with monolithic approaches to ecommerce that are inflexible and architecturally closed. It allows businesses to unlock the agility of headless ecosystems with lighter and more frequent front-end updates instead of large website redesigns or siloed customer experiences. The new front-end service can be integrated with best-of-breed ecommerce, content, analytics and other solutions, without the need to build custom experiences from scratch or wait for heavy redeployments of backend systems. For more information, download the Enterprise Guide to Headless Commerce Front-ends.

According to Gartner, Inc., “Some companies seeking to innovate are moving beyond the inflexible and architecturally closed ‘monolithic’ commerce applications of yore, toward experience-led or API-based platforms that allow more refined control over the user interface and overall digital customer experience.” Gartner, Inc., Innovation Insight for API-Based Digital Commerce, Mike Lowndes, Refreshed: 3 April 2019 | Published: 13 February 2018

German beauty giant Cosnova, which has three major brands including essence, the highest selling cosmetics brand across Europe, is undertaking a headless approach using Mobify as the front-end for ecommerce, CMS, personalization, and other technologies. According to Cosnova Chief Digital Officer Dirk Lauber, “With Mobify we’re able to have a much more flexible, modular digital architecture where the customer experience components on the front-end can evolve for each brand without having to build and maintain duplicate code and integrations to our backend systems. For our customers, this means we will be able to deliver much more consistent and reliable experiences in our content, pricing, promotions and inventory across all channels and enable innovation in our customer journeys.”

Mobify’s Front-end as a Service provides:

  • A single, unified front-end experience across all screens, brands, and regions
  • A flexible environment offering the freedom to build custom experiences, without starting from scratch
  • A future-proofed front-end ready to adapt to emerging digital experience technology, backend upgrades and organizational changes
Headless architecture with Front-end as a Service

According to Igor Faletski, Mobify CEO, “We know from creating apps on the web that amazing digital experiences drive top-line growth. Rather than worrying about foundational technologies like building and maintaining a hosting environment, mastering modern web technologies, and integrating with backend systems, an API-driven Front-end as a Service lets businesses focus their time on innovating and differentiating the digital experience to delight their customers.”

Mobify’s Front-end as a Service reduces the time, costs, and maintenance challenges associated with going “headless” with :

  • A scalable Application Delivery Network to deploy, host, and manage high-performing front-end apps
  • A comprehensive set of developer tools to build, test, and deploy amazing shopping experiences with Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages, and native apps on a single codebase
  • A powerful API-friendly architecture that integrates ecommerce, CMS, personalization, analytics, and third-party platforms and empowers teams to easily, swap, or remove any backend system
  • A world-class network of technology and implementation partners focused on faster go-to-market timelines and lower development costs

To learn more about the Mobify Front-end as a Service, visit  and read more in the Enterprise Guide to Headless Commerce Front-ends.

About Mobify
Mobify’s Front-end as a Service is an API-driven front-end that unlocks the agility of a headless commerce approach and powers fast, immersive experiences with Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages, and native apps. The enterprise front-end separates the customer-facing experience from backend systems to unlock agility, future-proof customer experience investments, and activate the value of backend systems. As a market leader with 25+ enterprise PWAs including multi-brand, multi-region deployments with 75+ integrations, Mobify drove over $1 billion in Gross Merchandise Value via Front-end as a Service in 2018 and is projecting to double that in 2019. Customers include digital innovators like Lancôme, Debenhams, Paula’s Choice, Crabtree & Evelyn, Mackage, Syo & Kioa, Carnival Cruise Line, US AutoParts, Hobbycraft, and PureFormulas.