Mobify and Gorilla Group Collaborate to Help Retailers Harness the Mobile Customer Engagement Revolution

CHICAGO and VANCOUVER, B.C. June 28, 2016 – Mobify and Gorilla Group have announced a partnership to help retailers and brands increase conversion rates and grow revenue by delivering industry-leading mobile ecommerce experiences. Gorilla Group, headquartered in Chicago, is an award-winning commerce solutions provider with extensive experience building ecommerce solutions on the leading technology platforms. Mobify, based in Vancouver, provides the Mobify Mobile Customer Engagement Platform, the one platform retailers need to build strong, loyal customer relationships for increased revenue online and in-store.

Gorilla Group will provide strategy, design, technology and managed services for the Mobify Mobile Customer Engagement Platform, which brings together in a single platform Progressive Mobile™ web and apps, push notifications, and a host of new app-like features for web to enable customer-first mobile experiences.

“With mobile expected to influence $1 trillion in spend in the US this year, every client we speak to asks about mobile strategy. Mobify has delivered the right platform to help retailers tap into the incredible power of mobile to eliminate shopping complexity and cultivate powerful, enduring relationships,” said Bob Meyer, Gorilla Group managing director of client services, U.S. “We’re very excited to be able to offer Mobify to our clients as a difference-making engagement platform for their mobile solutions.”

According to Mobify CEO Igor Faletski, “Gorilla Group has an amazing track record of providing exceptional digital commerce solutions for high-profile brands because of their ability to provide strategic guidance across the entire ecommerce spectrum. We’re very pleased to join forces to help customers leverage mobile, the most important touchpoint for winning, serving and retaining customers.”

Mobile customer engagement solves key business challenges for customer experience, marketing investment, and customer retention by unifying customer interactions independent of device, screen, location and channel. This enables retailers to eliminate shopping complexity and cultivate powerful, enduring relationships, leading to improved growth, margins and loyalty with the potential for millions in annual revenue.

With Mobify Mobile Customer Engagement, retailers can:

  • Increase conversion rates from mobile web and apps and increase customer lifetime value with higher revenue, loyalty and retention
  • Increase brand value and differentiation with memorable brand moments; increase new customer acquisition by converting paid clicks into new customers at a lower cost
  • Increase in-store revenue by using mobile functionality to drive foot traffic to stores
  • Reduce churn by using customer segmentation to deliver targeted campaigns and loyalty programs

See the Mobify Mobile Customer Engagement Platform in action.

About Gorilla Group:

Combining award-winning website design, development, strategy, post-launch managed services and hosting, Gorilla delivers innovative ecommerce solutions to B2B and direct-to-consumer brands across industries. Headquartered in Chicago, with offices around the world, Gorilla has unmatched expertise creating unique, functional shopping experiences that connect brands with their customers, producing better ROI through the digital channel. That’s why Gorilla is a Smarter Species of Commerce.

About Mobify

Mobify delivers a comprehensive Mobile Customer Engagement Platform to help retailers cultivate powerful relationships with their customers, increasing revenue online and in-store.

Mobify leverages its Progressive Mobile™ technology to create connected mobile web and native apps linked with legacy commerce platforms to ensure seamless customer journeys across channels and minimize development, operational, and maintenance expenses. With Mobify’s Engagement Engine, retailers can tailor content to each customer’s context, including their real-time physical location and online behavior. The Mobify Connection Center brings everything together in a single interface for managing all mobile customer interactions across web, apps and push notifications.

Contact Information

Betsy Kosheff for Mobify

Caleb F. Bryant for Gorilla Group