Mobify Acquires Dónde to Help Shoppers Find Whatever They Want, Wherever They Are

VANCOUVER, Canada – Dec. 2, 2015 – In a move expected to revolutionize the way retailers deploy meaningful mobile commerce offerings and deliver an integrated in-store and online shopping experience, Mobify today announced the acquisition of Dónde, a Chicago-based provider of location-aware mobile technology.

Dónde helps sellers deploy meaningful new offers by serving dynamic content based on location, as well as combine location intelligence with analytics to increase sales. Founded in 2013, Dónde has a growing number of customers, including Pizza Hut, Applebees and Graeters Ice Cream — innovators that use location technology to target digital consumers through local search to increase in store visits and purchases. Mobify provides the most complete mobile commerce and engagement platform used by brands and retailers worldwide, such as Ann Taylor, Beyond the Rack, Crocs, Carnival Cruise Lines, Eddie Bauer, and Superdry. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Analysts say the acquisition makes Mobify the industry’s first mobile-centric customer engagement platform to fully leverage customer location by integrating the full range of mobile technologies, including location marketing and recently launched web push notifications. Integrating these key technologies as part of a feature-rich, easy to deploy, mobile-first platform allows marketers to focus on campaigns and content that makes shopping a compelling experience for consumer journeys across all three channels — physical store, online and mobile — and across all touchpoints, including messaging, mobile web or native apps. According to the 30th Annual Deloitte Holiday Survey, which examines the impact of mobile computing on the retail process, 78% of consumers intend to use their smartphones for holiday shopping this year for a wide range of activities from getting store location and checking availability in store to comparing prices, researching features and reviews and getting messages and coupons from retailers – often while standing near or in a store. Industry reports widely cite that 90% of transactions still occur within stores, so connecting mobile marketing with the physical location presents a huge opportunity.

Said Mobify CEO Igor Faletski. “Dónde is essential technology because it finally connects online and offline worlds by focusing on the location of the customer. Retailers and brands can now reach customers through mobile web, apps, social media and real-time web push notification messaging, with content personalized to locations like the city they are in and where they are in the store, as well as past behavior and preferences, bar code scans, or even current weather.”

Mobify believes the connection between the mobile device and the physical location has been the missing link for retailers to truly achieve an effective connection with customers across every touchpoint.

Anthony Nicalo, CEO of Dónde, added, “The ability to serve customers where, when and how they want has become a key differentiator for leading-edge marketers who want to set themselves apart based on a more relevant customer experience, while also learning more about their customers and what they truly want. With our proven location-based technology, Mobify’s strong position as a comprehensive mobile commerce and engagement platform, and our common mission to delight customers wherever and however they shop, this is an ideal fit that is exciting for everyone.”

Way beyond store locators, Dónde accelerates the use of location as a digital and in-store marketing tool. Marketers can:

  • Quickly create local landing pages and change the content based on the consumer’s history or even in-store behavior, use beacons to direct consumers to featured products in the store, check stock level and initiate click to collect or Apple Pay
  • Deliver content about nearby store events, such as limited time offers or popup promotions for events and stores nearby, including the ability to tap on the promotion to show store location, event time and date. Leverage store location to display the nearest stores without entering a location or zipcode, display accurate distance and directions and tell when the store is closing
  • Create site-wide promotional banners for stores nearby, display distance and tap to link into store details. Or, design homepage promotions using existing banners to promote upcoming store events nearby, display location and distance
  • Enhance pickup in store by accessing store inventory data to display availability at the nearest store, display distance and maps to nearest stores. Or enable tryout in store by informing customers of nearby stores where trials or demonstrations are available
  • Plan future store sites by learning precisely who, what and where customers are researching goods or stores.

The combination of Dónde’s location marketing technology with Mobify’s powerful mobile web, native app and push messaging technology now makes all this possible.

To see how Mobify and Dónde work and to begin using location-enabled mobile technology in marketing campaigns today, download our case study at

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