Independent Research Firm Includes Mobify in Responsive Website Performance Report

An independent analyst report profiles Mobify as a front-end optimization solution to mitigate the performance challenges of Responsive Web Design.

VANCOUVER, Canada – May 20, 2014 – Mobify has been included in Forrester Research, Inc.’s May 2014 report entitled: ‘Optimize Your Responsive Website Performance To Overcome Mobile Hurdles’, a guide to mitigating poor performance in responsive websites. Mobify is included in the list of eight commercial FEO solution vendors.

The report gives application development & delivery (AD&D) professionals clear insights into how to manage responsive performance issues – from setting expectations internally, to working with vendors and allocating a performance budget with key stakeholders.

One of the report’s key findings: front-end delivery optimization techniques are often the easiest option for AD&D professionals to improve performance of responsive websites.

About Mobify’s Front End Optimization (FEO) capabilities, the report says: “Mobify’s FEO service is targeted at enterprise eCommerce companies that may be looking for an alternative to proxy FEO solutions. Website Engagement Accelerator side-loads JavaScript with optimization instructions, which then acts as a virtualization layer between browser and server. The Website Experience Accelerator’s offering adds analytics and monitoring capabilities in addition to FEO, and Mobify’s broader offering focus on responsive and adaptive templating.”

“We believe inclusion in this report highlights Mobify’s success not only as a solution to the design challenges of the multi-screen web, but the performance ones as well,” says Igor Faletski, CEO of Mobify. “It’s really fantastic to see our solution included by Forrester Research in this report.”

“We see responsive web design as a great way to service users on different screen sizes. And we believe the responsive adoption curve will continue to grow over the next few years. It’s important to recognize that the key to creating a successful responsive website is not only having a custom look and feel on different devices, but it needs to load extremely fast too.”

About Mobify

Mobify is a mobile e-commerce platform that helps online retailers deliver exceptional mobile shopping experiences.

Mobify is used by leading Fortune 500 companies to drive hundreds of millions of dollars every year on mobile devices. Globally, one in five smartphone subscribers have accessed a Mobify-powered website.

Mobify serves tens of millions of mobile users every month for companies like Starbucks, Garmin, Garmin, Beyond the Rack and Superdry. Mobify is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

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