Progressive Web Apps

Bring the high-converting features of an app to your larger audience on mobile web

“Put aside 20 years of desktop web legacy, and reinvent the role mobile web plays in customer engagement. As a digital business professional, it's time to start over and build progressive, app-like mobile web experiences.”


Reinvent the Web to Win the Mobile Moment,
Forrester Research, Inc., 17 January 2017

Progressive Web Apps are mobile websites — just better

PWAs act like native apps, with access from the home screen, full-screen viewing, and the ability to browse while offline. But they’re still websites, accessed directly in the web browser instead of an app store download.

By bringing the high-converting features of an app to the larger audience on mobile web, we’ve seen a significant improvement in conversion rates for our customers. Plus, PWAs get a healthy SEO boost from Google.

Progressive Web App: Lancôme USA Progressive Web App: Lancôme USA Progressive Web App: Lancôme USA

Every (milli)second counts

Mobile shoppers are impatient, and won’t wait for you to catch up. Page load time is one of the biggest influencers on mobile conversion rates, which is why the Mobify Platform delivers speeds up to 4x faster than other technologies.

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Push messaging on Carnival

Re-engage customers with Web Push Notifications

Re-engage your customers at critical points in their shopping journey. With one-click opt-in, real-time trigger-based deployment, and personalized content, major brands use notifications to engage customers in ways that email can’t.

Plus, only Mobify can show you the impact your Web Push Notifications have on revenue, with metrics like number of transactions completed, revenue gained, and average order value tracked for each notification.

See how eXtra used Web Push Notifications to grow ecommerce sales by 100%

Progressive Web Apps are the core of the Mobify Platform, but there’s much more – like AMP, Native Apps and Store Drivers.

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