Why Mobify?

The future of commerce has arrived, and it’s mobile. Are you ready?

Your customers expect every interaction to be simple, immediate, and relevant. They expect the speed and functionality available on Amazon. They expect to be able to go from mobile web, to app, to desktop, to in-store, without you forgetting who they are and what their needs are. Can your team deliver all this on your own?

The Mobify Platform helps you act on customer expectations today, and be ready for the expectations of tomorrow.

Are you “mobile-whelmed?”

We’ve heard from countless retailers who tried to “go it alone” and end up discovering it’s impossible to keep up with the pace of technology. Partnering with Mobify gives you early access to the latest mobile technology for web, apps, payment and notifications, built into the platform and ready to turn on when you need it.

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Give each customer a tailored experience.

The Mobify Platform is based on the concept of Progressive Enhancement, setting a great baseline experience for everyone while introducing progressively more advanced features when they’re available on the device. You can offer the latest and greatest technology wherever possible, without risking the experience on less-advanced screens.

Your customers expect more from mobile.

Mobile experiences are no longer complete without the full range of features the Mobify Platform provides - such as web push notifications, one-touch payments, store drivers, and more. Your customers will thank you for making their lives simpler, and your bottom line will benefit from increased revenue and conversions.

A diagram of AMP, progressive checkout, and smart content hexagonal icons.

Discover the features of the Mobify Platform.

Platform Overview