Why Mobify?

Drive immediate mobile revenue and enable customer-centric innovation through increased IT agility.

Keep up with changing shopper expectations

Your shoppers want every interaction on their phone to be fast, contextual, and seamless. A Progressive Web App (PWA) enhanced with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) ensures your shoppers get a friction-free experience that’s up to 43% faster than a typical responsive or m.dot website.

Mobify PWA vs. Old mobile website

“Mobile shoppers are increasingly expecting the same type of quality and responsiveness that they get from popular apps like Facebook and Uber. Mobify’s secret sauce is making the mobile experience fast and intuitive, ensuring that the shopper doesn’t run into friction and drop off.”

Malik Abu-Ghazaleh

Malik Abu-Ghazaleh, Vice President of Digital
Marketing & Ecommerce, Lancôme

Boost mobile revenue by 20%

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Drive real mobile revenue growth – fast

With the Mobify Platform you can build a PWA in 90 days to drive 20% more mobile revenue.

Don’t delay revenue growth by focusing on your backend first – all your shoppers care about is the customer experience. With the Mobify Platform you can deliver a better shopper experience in 90 days, while updating your backend systems in parallel or post-launch. Your business gets happier customers, more revenue, and fewer IT risks.

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Increase IT agility

The Mobify Platform decouples your front-end from your systems of record to enable business and IT teams to work together to implement customer-centric innovation. The higher point of departure and architectural stability allows you to make better decisions and act faster to take advantage of market opportunities.

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Mobify Platform layered upon third party integrations and ecommerce platforms

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