The Mobify Platform

The only Front-end as a Service (FaaS) for building customer-first shopping experiences through PWAs, AMP, and native apps.

What it does

Superior customer-first digital experiences

The Mobify Platform builds hyper-performant, seamless experiences through Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and native apps to engage and convert shoppers. With each great experience, you build the shopper’s trust in your brand and increase the likelihood they’ll return.

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“We now have technology that not only delivers a better, faster experience but allows us to keep pace with shoppers' expectations whilst on the move.

Ross Clemmow

Ross Clemmow, Managing Director Retail, Digital,
Food & Events, Debenhams

How it works

Framework for growth

The Mobify Platform is built as a framework for rapid growth and agility. There are 3 parts of the platform that really set it apart:

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Integration Management

Allows you to add, remove, or swap out backend applications and services without impacting the customer experience.

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Data Management

Collects all the shopper activity data so that your backend and marketing applications can simply subscribe to the data they need through APIs.

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Provides visual tools that can be used by designers and front-end engineers to rapidly develop and deploy best-in-class experiences.

By separating the front-end and backend and reducing the need for custom development, the Mobify Platform gives you the freedom to embrace complexity, provide a great shopper experience, and keep up with the pace of change.

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Mobify Platform is composed of the Integration Management, Data Management, and Deployment layers.

How to maximize value

Start with mobile and extend across screens

The majority of your shoppers are on mobile, so start by delivering a great mobile PWA enhanced with AMP to drive immediate revenue. Then extend the superior PWA experience across tablet and desktop to drive even more revenue and reduce maintenance costs with a single codebase.

Progressive Web App experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop

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