Internet Retailing: March 2016 Edition

Back in 2007, just before the iPhone changed everything, Mobify began by developing what can be thought of as an early “contextual mobile marketing” software product. It was a simple system designed to tell mobile phone users, through SMS text messages, when their next bus was due. Back then, contextual mobile marketing wasn’t a bona fi de marketing model, but the genesis was there: we knew who we wanted to reach (people with a mobile phone), what they wanted (bus schedule), when they wanted it (upon texting a code), and the “where” and “why” were obvious.

The story evolved to a global one when lines for the iPhone formed at Apple stores, and we began to help some of the world’s largest brands launch adaptive mobile websites to improve mobile conversions and increase revenue.

Now is a time of tremendous transformation in how retailers engage customers with a mobile device that has become a truly personal, ever-present, contextual connection to the world around them.