Google Features Mobify Customer Beyond The Rack in Multi-Screen Resources for Online Retailers

Beyond the Rack chose mobile-technology company Mobify for assistance, after talking with several vendors. Mobify’s platform allowed them to remix, reconfigure and restyle their existing website content for mobile devices, while also improving performance. Using Mobify tools and software, the team created an optimized mobile experience. Beyond the Rack didn’t just want to duplicate their desktop experience, but to improve it for on-the-go-consumers.

“It took a few weeks before people started to get used to the idea that they could spend more time on the mobile site, and they could check out on it,” Cohene says. Once everyone was accustomed to the new look, the mobile site really took off.

“It took maybe a month of data before we could say, ‘Okay, there is a clear upward trajectory here.'”