Golfsmith International Works to Break Par in Omnichannel Shopping

Golfsmith International doesn’t just take a swing at putting mobile first, its design and tech team quite often really does design for smartphones first and then scales up the design for desktop, says Kim Lewis vice president of omnichannel marketing for the store and online retailer.

“There are things we can do for mobile first that look good translated to desktop, but most of the time desktop to mobile does not work,” Lewis says. Email and online fliers are two examples, she says.

Golfsmith, which has nearly 160 stores in the United States and Canada, over the past year has been placing increased focus on omnichannel. “We’ve been focusing on merging in-store and e-commerce and making it an end-to-end experience,” says Matt Haracz, director of e-commerce. “And we are finding that a customer very often starts on mobile.”

The retailer recently relaunched its U.S. and Canadian mobile sites, going from a strictly separate mobile site to using responsive design for many of its mobile site pages. With responsive design, a single web page adjusts to the size of the screen the visitor is viewing. Both the U.S. and Canada sites together took about three months to launch and went live in late November. Golfsmith used m-commerce technology firm Mobify for the relaunch.