Controlling the Chaos: Why Progressive Mobile Matters

Progressive mobile can give your web visitors a premium app-quality experience and take your conversion rate to levels comparable to desktop. If that isn’t enough to get your attention, you also save time and money on your native app by powering it from the same progressive source code as your website. Sound impossible? It used to be, but it’s not any longer.

Progressive web apps combine the best of the web and the best of apps, offering smooth interactions, easy engagement, and seamless re-engagement. With progressive web, web experiences are enhanced to the full capabilities of the browser and the connection of the user. Progressive works great with older browsers or on slow connections, but it offers more features and functionality for visitors on newer browsers. Progressive web experiences even improve low-bandwidth or flaky networks — like conference Wi-Fi or elevator settings — and provide services, such as access to physical devices like beacons, even when the browser isn’t loaded.

When a progressive web experience installs on the home screen, it looks and feels exactly like a native app with an icon, splash loading, and a full-screen experience — no URL bar required.

There are three key milestones to developing a progressive mobile experience…