4 Ways to Boost Sales by Making Online Shopping Faster

Speed is an essential ingredient of customer engagement.

Speed has been a signal for SEO and SEM from Google on desktop since 2010, and they announced in July of this year that it would soon be a signal in mobile as well. Since then, e-commerce businesses are giving more thought to their site’s mobile performance. But many are focusing solely on simple, synthetic performance measures, such as page-load times, which give little insight into a shopper’s real experience.

Page-load metrics lack details about how many pages customers need to load in order to complete their journey, whether the page scrolls smoothly when it loads, or how long it takes before the “buy” button becomes interactive and usable to mobile customers.

For example, you can reduce how long it takes mobile shoppers to purchase by as much as two minutes by streamlining your site’s checkout with native payment methods, but the page-load times would remain the same. When you do this, the quality of the shopper’s experience dramatically improves and your conversion rates will prove it.