Why You Should Get Excited about IRCE 2014

Next week, I’ll be travelling with Mobify colleagues Lloyd Yoo and Chris Heard to Chicago to attend the 2014 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE). This year marks the 10th anniversary of IRCE and organizers expect up to 10,000 attendees.

More than 200 e-commerce experts will lead two full days of workshops on topics ranging from connecting digital and physical storefronts to making the most of global commerce opportunities. We’ll see more than 600 exhibits and hear speakers from online leaders such as Wikipedia, eBay, Zulilly, and dozens more.

The 10th anniversary of IRCE reminds us just how much e-commerce has grown in the past decade, and how fast mobile commerce is changing the industry. Back in 2012, Forrester predicted that mobile shoppers would generate five percent of online sales in 2013, but by year’s end some online retailers were reporting mobile revenues above 10 percent. According to Goldman Sachs, mobile commerce will generate more than a quarter of all e-commerce sales in 2014.

Online retailers need to develop plans for capturing that growing revenue, and IRCE 2014 will provide plenty of opportunities to help you build an effective mobile commerce optimization strategy.

With so many great presentations and workshops at IRCE 2014, it’s tough to choose among them, but here are a few of the must-see sessions on our list.

Get Smart: A Roadmap for Sound Technology Investments – June 10

This opening session will set the stage for a daylong workshop on how to make the right technology investments for your e-commerce business. We expect the presenters will discuss the mobile optimization investments online sellers should make to meet the anticipated growth in mobile commerce. A recent Goldman Sachs report predicts that mobile commerce sales will grow from $204 billion this year to $626 billion by 2018, and represent nearly half of all e-commerce sales.

While we’re on the subject, with the year half over and Black Friday looming, now is the time to start your investment in mobile optimization. Watch this space for an announcement about our upcoming comprehensive 2014 Black Friday Mobile E-Commerce Guide.

Where Global E-Commerce Growth Will Come in 2014 and Beyond – June 11

It’s no secret—and our own research confirms it—that e-commerce is growing fastest in developing economies. The International Trade Center reports that online retail in China alone has grown 120 percent a year over the last decade.

In this session, Don Davis, Editor at Internet Retailer, will present a report on the opportunities and challenges in rapidly growing e-commerce markets such as China, India, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Make the Most of Your Traffic: Maximizing Conversion – June 12

Getting shoppers to your site is one thing; converting them is another. This session will share simple tactics and specific techniques you can use to enhance shoppers’ on-site experience and maximize sales.

Check out Mobify’s 25 Ways to Make Your Mobile Revenue Skyrocket for a helpful companion piece to this workshop.

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