Why Mobile Shopping Moments Matter

When you think of your customer, what do you see? Is it someone looking at a screen or browsing in your store? If you didn’t answer “both!” (and all this while walking down the street, taking the subway, checking the selection of your competitor…), you need to shift your mobile mindset.

Welcome to the new normal: shoppers of all ages and demographics rely on their mobile devices to inform, influence and facilitate their path to purchase. Chances are you’re one of these people yourself, since 79% of smartphone owners report using their phones to help them shop.

Shopping is now an always-accessible experience to dip in and out of at will vs. a discrete activity. Curating the shopper journey, with the shopper’s phone bridging digital and physical, will distinguish the mobile leaders from the mobile laggards.

What does this mean for retailers?

Mobile moments are where your battle for customer engagement is won or lost, especially for younger audiences — people under 35 logging between 3.5 and 5 hours per day on their smartphone. Customers’ shifting expectations require a mobile mindshift in your business thinking and tactics. Every digital and physical interaction needs to offer the best possible experience, providing the right amount of information and guidance. I like the term “found time” to describe many daily interactions on mobile, and although these interactions are frequent, the time spent on each one is short. You need to make the most of it.

Each experience must be customized to where the customer is on their buying journey and the degree of trust you’ve earned with them. For example, if you don’t provide relevant product content at the discovery stage or you ask too much of the customer — such as push notification permission requests as soon as they launch your app for the first time — you can lose that customer and never get a second chance to regain their attention.

Want to learn more about capturing mobile customer mindshare and accelerating your company’s ability to identify and capitalize on mobile moments? Download the How to Assess your Mobile Maturity Webinar presented by Mobify and Forrester. We discuss what separates mobile leaders from the rest of the pack and provide concrete guidance on developing tactics to engage your customers on mobile at each step of their buying journey.


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