White Paper: Optimize Your Website for iPads and Other Tablets

Over 30% of US adults now own a tablet or e-reader, and out of those tablet users 52% say that they prefer to shop using their tablet rather than their PC.

With more tablets coming online, it’s the perfect time to examine how many of your customers are already using tablets to browse your website, as well as to investigate how fast the trend is growing.

To help you start optimizing your website for tablet users, we’ve put together a white paper analyzing the tablet website of e-commerce success story Stella & Dot.

The white paper identifies some of the key design and performance improvements you can make today to increase customer conversion on tablet devices.

Inside you’ll find specific tips and techniques Mobify and Stella & Dot used for solving tablet design and performance problems and how they’ve made the experience of shopping on a tablet as intuitive as possible.

The white paper covers:

  1. Part One: Do I Need to Optimize My Site for Tablets?
  2. Part Two: 7 Techniques for Providing a Tablet Optimized User Experience
  3. Part Three: Make Your Tablet Site Faster Than Your Desktop Site

We’ve also included a number of before and after screenshots, so you can see the difference the optimization process makes to the user’s experience.

If you want to provide the best possible experience of your website for your tablet users, this white paper is for you.

Download the white paper now!