Webinar Recap: How Under Armour Builds Fast Headless Commerce Experiences with Salesforce & Mobify

We recently had the opportunity to join Eric Lessard, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce, and Patrick Grissinger, Sr. Product Manager of Global Ecommerce at Under Armour, to discuss the new normal in retail. The 30-min webinar covers retail trends influenced by the pandemic, and a case study from Under Armour on their journey to a Progressive Web App and a headless commerce approach. 

Today’s new normal demands flexibility agility

Eric started things off discussing how commerce today needs to start with our current reality. The COVID-19 crisis is evolving quickly and brands are adjusting to the new normal.

  • New customer expectations: Consumers now often “work, live, and learn from home.” As a result there’s a rise in buy online / pickup in store, curbside pickup, delivery, and contactless payments.
  • New channels and platforms: Need to reach customers where they are, through new channels and new consumer apps. 
  • New business requirements: For many businesses this is changing the way they operate, whether that’s going direct-to-consumer for the first time or offering subscription services.

What’s normal today isn’t going away, we’re officially in a digital-first world and consumer behavior has changed forever. 

This is why it’s important for brands to embed commerce and engage consumers everywhere – this is at the heart of the true meaning of the term headless commerce. Whether it be rich and engaging content on the storefront, extending buy buttons, building a custom apps, or connecting store and curbside, it’s now mandatory to engage customers wherever they are. 

Under Armour builds fast headless experiences

Then Patrick jumped in to discuss how the Under Armour brand is rooted in innovation. As the business navigates this time, they don’t only think about innovation in terms of the products they’re selling, but also in terms of the platforms and experiences that their customers are interacting with. 

Patrick encourages the business to think about disruption as a baseline. Under Armour is looking at APIs to unlock agility and be able to test and iterate faster. That’s not only core to the brand and its DNA, but also to how they’re going to bring together the ecosystem of the human performance company for the performance consumer. Under Armour is active in fitness apps, and offers things like shoes that record performance data. All that needs to translate to ecommerce because those are the same consumers they want shopping with the brand. So connecting all those dots is super important to their consumer and their go forward strategy, and it’s not possible to do this on a legacy platform. Patrick explained that they needed to do it in a performant way that was super engaging and met consumer expectations.

As one of their largest traffic channels, mobile was a priority and Patrick recognized it wasn’t about web or apps, but rather both. The combo would set business up to attract and retain consumers. The team could make really rich experiences with apps, but it’s a very small percentage that uses the apps. For the vast majority they needed to invest in the web. That’s where a Progressive Web App with a headless architecture came in.

Listen to the full webinar to hear about Under Armour’s phased roll-out and the results they saw along the way. 

Storefront for headless commerce demo

Using the new Salesforce B2C Commerce APIs, Salesforce customers can now leverage a storefront for headless commerce to get a fast, engaging Progressive Web App and offload the stress of running and evolving a storefront in a headless environment. This approach unlocks the flexibility to customize the digital experience quickly and easily. 

This short demo shows what a customer experience could look like using a headless approach with the Mobify storefront and Salesforce B2C Commerce APIs. 

Watch the full webinar or get in touch if you’re interested in a headless approach with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 


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