[Webinar] A Guided Tour of Progressive Mobile

Most people who have tried Uber would say they don’t like taxis. But they probably wouldn’t have identified that there was a problem with taxis before they experienced Uber.

New experiences are changing customer expectations at a rapid rate. And it’s not just the transportation industry that’s being disrupted by digital innovation – essentially every industry is feeling the effects to some extent, and retail is no exception.

Speed Converts

We see an arms race when it comes to the quality of experience that can be delivered to customers, and it’s being driven by the experiences that tech giants like Facebook, Uber, and Apple are delivering everyday. As digitally savvy Millennials become bigger spenders, mobile customer engagement becomes a more urgent priority.

Our research shows that speed has a direct impact on conversion rates. Shoppers browse more when a website is fast – and shoppers who browse more, buy more. Progressive Mobile is a whole new approach to retail and mobile commerce. It solves things like slow performing mobile sites, making them 2 to 4 times faster than responsive or adaptive sites. That adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for Mobify customers.

It also creates a more app-like experience on the mobile web, which aligns with your customers’ expectations. Besides enhanced speed and performance, Progressive Mobile features:

  • Offline or low-connectivity mode
  • Full screen mode
  • One touch payments and shipping info
  • Web push notifications

Progressive Mobile helps you deliver the contextualized, personal, and timely experiences that your customers want. We recently hosted a webinar that takes a deeper dive into some of the technology behind Progressive Mobile, and how you can use it to (re)engage your customers.


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