[Webinar] How to Keep Up With the Pace of Mobile Innovation

Mobile has made customer engagement more complex and expensive. That’s probably no surprise to you.

What used to be a relatively straightforward customer journey is fractured into mobile moments. Capturing the attention of shoppers is increasingly difficult.

Retail Is In A Customer Engagement Crisis

This is a hard and fast truth among the retailers and analysts we talk to – and a lot of it is due to mobile.

A handful of tech companies are raising the bar on customer expectations every time they innovate. Retailers are stuck trying to meet these evolving expectations, but with the disadvantage of having a traditional retail infrastructure.

Addressing Your Challenges

Being outpaced by technology has put retailers in a tough spot – you can see it with the mass closures of stores and emptying of malls throughout North America. At the same time, Amazon’s profits are at a record high. So how can retailers mitigate these challenges without completely overhauling their business model?

Better mobile customer engagement can address many of the digital commerce challenges that retailers are facing. We’re seeing positive impacts on conversion rates, new customer acquisition, customer lifetime value, in-store revenue, brand value, and customer churn with the Mobify Platform™.

Watch The Webinar

Mobify Director of Strategy Vik Kambli takes a deeper dive into future-proofing your mobile strategy in our webinar. Not only does he give context to the challenges you’re facing in the current retail and technology landscape, he provides details on where you can go from here – and how Mobify can help.


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