Expert POV: 5 Keys to Mobile Excellence

Mobify’s Expert POV series is a collection of thoughts and opinions from retail and technology leaders across industries.

Mobile is a critical component of what’s happening in ecommerce. In fact, the latest data shows it’s the only channel growing year-over-year.  

Our team here at Astound Commerce researched 25 retailers over the 2017 holiday season, using 5 calculators and custom frameworks to understand the approaches, similarities, and differences to get a sense of where these retailers stand.  

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Through our research, the Astound team discovered the 5 keys to mobile excellence. For a more in-depth look, and a breakdown of holiday shopping data from the Mobify team, be sure to watch the full webinar on “Deconstructing the Data on 2017 Holiday Shopping.” 

inspiring image1. Inspiring shopping is a baseline requirement to engage customers through branding, on both mobile web and native apps. Retailers pick and choose merchandising tactics with what’s new, gifting, and top sellers in play. Based on our criteria, the visual execution was actually stronger on the mobile web.

2. Rich content delivery is critical. Content is streamlined on the app as shoppers are on a mission to buy. App-only content is smartly used by savvy retailers as a value-add.

3. Efficiency demands are seen as important but not universally addressed. Mobile web wins on its search and navigation strength, while apps are all about checkout efficiency.

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4. Service is key to any retail experience. Unfortunately, the results showed that service was stripped out of the app experience, from the depth of content to accessibility, making it challenging to find the right information to support shoppers needs.

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5. Omnichannel assumes the critical role as one of mobile’s primary functions is connecting shoppers to stores. Brand enthusiasts likely embrace apps with their focus on loyalty and a personalization of the experience. A great mobile web experience can tip the scales here.


To learn more about the holiday 2017 mobile commerce results, watch the webinar now.

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