FAQ: Do Web Push Notifications Cannibalize Email?

With more retailers turning to mobile to engage their customers, the question of whether Web Push Notifications will cannibalize email is top of mind.

It’s a valid concern: email marketing still has the widest reach, and is the most popular compared to other engagement marketing tactics. Why mess with a good thing, right?

Best Use Case Scenario

There will always be some minor overlap between Web Push Notifications and email, but the fear that email effectiveness will suffer as a result is unfounded. Here’s how Web Push Notifications can be used as a valuable complement to email:

  • Nurture existing customers, in a different way than email. Web Push Notifications tend to capture attention and inspire action, especially since it’s a new channel – customers aren’t fatigued by it yet.
  • Send highly relevant and contextual messages. Is there a flash sale that nearby customers should know about? Trigger a push notification inviting customers based on their location. We’re used to getting these kinds of messages from family, friends, and social media, so getting them from a brand you love feels natural.
  • Extend the reach of your marketing tactics. Web Push Notifications don’t require a shopper to give up their email address or phone number, enabling you to engage with a previously untapped segment of customers who prefer not to share that information. Maximize your reach by prompting customers to register for Web Push Notifications at logical points in their online shopping experience, and with just a couple clicks.    

Platform Solution

The most important thing to remember about new engagement technology is that it’s not always an either/or scenario. Each tactic has a time, place, and audience, which ebbs and flows over time. With a mobile engagement platform like Mobify’s, you get the agility and flexibility required to keep up with your customers – but we do the leg work.

Check out our push notification best practices, and be sure to get in touch if you still have questions.