How to Create a Successful Web Push Campaign for Black Friday

Web push notifications are an essential new marketing communication channel with a whole lot less noise than older channels like email and out-of-home. You can send messages directly to your customers via their browsers on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

While in many ways they behave similarly to app push notifications, the beauty of web push is that customers don’t need to download your app or provide their email address to subscribe. Because of this, the reach of push notifications through the web is wider than apps – Google sends around 10 billion through Chrome everyday – and it’s growing. Suffice to say, it’s not a matter of should your company add web push notifications to its marketing mix, it’s a matter of when.

Push Notifications for Unpredictable Customers

Today, customers don’t follow a predictable buying pattern. Their journey takes them from home to coffee shop to game to train to store and back again. And their expectations are high – they expect retailers to know where they are, follow them seamlessly, anticipate their needs, and deliver what they want, when they want it.

Retailers must use all the capabilities available on mobile devices to fully and creatively engage their customers. The Mobify™ Platform helps you engage customers across web and apps to drive revenue both online and in-store. It is designed to keep up with ever-evolving technology, making it possible for you to future-proof your company against the rapid pace of innovation.

Learn more about how you can create an effective web push campaign in time for Black Friday with our how-to guide.


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