Introducing Web-based Push Notifications

Last week, Google released Chrome 42 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The most exciting addition was web-based push notifications.

What are web-based push notifications? Web-based push notifications allow brands to engage with their customers even after Chrome has been closed. Once the user opts in to receive push notifications from a specific website, they will no longer have to take the time and effort to check for updates, relevant push notifications will be delivered in real-time right to their mobile device.

VentureBeat stated that, “Google believes that as long as notifications are timely and personalized, they can save users the time and effort of manually checking for updates from a mobile site, just like from a native app. Bringing push notifications to the web will bridge the gap between apps and sites, the company hopes:

With low friction access to content, the mobile web provides a great discovery experience for users and unparalleled reach for developers. Unfortunately, once users discover an experience they love, it is hard for them to build a deep meaningful relationship since websites lack the rich engaging capabilities of native apps such as push notifications and home screen icons.

To take advantage of these engaging mobile capabilities, some developers build native apps, but users are often reluctant to spend the time and effort required to download and install them, despite the benefits. As a result, developers have needed to decide between the engagement potential of a native app and the reach potential of the mobile web.

With Chrome 42, users can choose to receive push notifications directly from websites — no app installation required.

Google’s goal here is clear: ‘diminishing the difficult choice for developers between the reach of the mobile web and the engagement of native apps.’ The company wants to blur the lines between the two experiences to give both developers and users more options.”

Web-Based Push Notifications

Above: Beyond The Rack’s Web-Based Push Notification

Check out the Chromium Blog to learn more about web-based push notifications and other exciting additions.

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