The Voice-Powered Future of Ecommerce

Our transition from being desktop to mobile users has had enormous consequences on how we live our lives – but the jump still left us staring at a screen.

Today, recent technological innovations are creating another unstoppable tide of change that will hail a whole new era of commerce: voice computing is being primed to bring our lives to a screenless future. In a strange way, we will be going back full circle, talking (rather than typing) to get what we want.

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Spike Jonez’s Her imagined the voice-powered world we are headed towards, and like Jonze, the biggest retailers also foresee a voice-driven future.

Amazon’s New Voice

The Amazon Echo is Amazon’s foray into the world of AI – a black tube-shaped bluetooth speaker housing a digital assistant named Alexa. The speaker itself is nothing to write home about, it’s Alexa that is the Amazon star.

She can tell you the weather, look up local businesses, and order things on Amazon and have it shipped to your house. Incorporating voice-command technology into the mix eliminates any shopping friction. With a fast working team of developers sending updates to the software constantly, Alexa, and AI technology at large, will only get faster, smarter and easier to use.

Siri: What can I help you with?

Siri is a great example of how fast and far voice-computing technology has come. In iOS 10, you can have Siri complete transactions that previously required you to touch the button or home screen to authorize a payment.

She’s even been built straight into Apple’s new Airpods, an exciting announcement made at Apple’s September keynote. You can now tap your earpiece and talk to Siri. With ecommerce functionality being built into all new voice-computing services, we can finally shop hands-free on the go.

Talk About the Future

Though it’s still in early development, voice-computing’s irresistible convenience is already receiving wide adoption. It makes clear that the future of marketing goes above and beyond what email marketing ever could. It underscores the importance for brands to invest in a truly omnichannel strategy: voice-controlled, hands-free, and ready whenever and wherever you are.

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