Vogue.ru: 12 Launches of 2011


Vogue Russia, otherwise known as Журнал Vogue, brings a little
international flavour to Mobify’s 2011 launches.

Its design – in both print and web – is clean and modern, in keeping
with its mission to bring fashion to a wider audience.

So, taking Vogue Russia’s unique take on fashion and lifestyle mobile,
while maintaining the brand’s feel was a heavy undertaking.

We’re happy to see that Vogue Russia’s designers maintained Vogue’s
iconic style, with a meticulously designed, uniquely image-free

Check it out by visiting Vogue.ru on your mobile device – fluency in
Russian is recommended!

12 Launches of 2011 covers a dozen selected mobile sites launched in
2011 on the Mobify Platform.

It’s a celebration and a big thank you to all our customers for making
2011 Mobify’s best year yet!

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