Virgin Wines: 12 Launches of 2011

In November, launched their mobile site.

Part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, Virgin Wines allows you to buy
wines online, and have them shipped to your house in the UK.

“During the last year we have seen a threefold increasfe in the amount
of visits to our website form mobile devices compared to the previous
year,” said Managing Director Jay Wright.

“We have launched the mobile version of our website in response to this,
bringing our brand closer to our customers and those people who like to
interact with us via a mobile device.”

Read about the launch at Virgin’s blog or check it out for yourself
by visiting Virgin Wines on your iPhone or Android device.

12 Launches of 2011 covers a dozen selected mobile sites launched in
2011 on the Mobify Platform.

It’s a celebration and a big thank you to all our customers for making
2011 Mobify’s best year yet!

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