Video: Salesforce Commerce Cloud Shares Headless Commerce Insights

It’s crucial to continuously innovate the digital customer experience (CX) as consumer demands continue to grow and evolve. The technology landscape is ever-changing, and brands need to keep up with the latest trends and leverage customer data and analytics to stay relevant. Younger generations raised with technology have increasingly greater purchasing power. Their expectations while shopping are at an all-time high, with seamless cross-device experiences becoming the norm as brands scramble to capture their attention.

Mobify recently teamed up with Astound Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Under Armour to host an event in Montreal that centered around this ever-changing CX landscape. Ecommerce leaders shared insights on how retailers can shape their CX strategies to stay competitive in the face of digital transformation. 

One such section of the morning was a fireside chat, which you can watch in the video above, between Mobify’s VP Product, Drew Lau, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Senior Product Manager, Terence Tirella. The conversation between these two industry leaders revealed some interesting insights on the direction ecommerce is taking, and some successes from brands they’ve worked with who have taken steps towards their digital transformation journey. 

The main theme throughout the conversation was headless commerce, and how a headless strategy helps brands deliver seamless digital experiences no matter where their customers are. The two product leaders discussed interesting headless projects they’ve seen in the ecommerce space, including the more widespread adoption of decoupled progressive web apps (PWA) and the shift to a more agile organizational structure and culture. 

Having reliable, communicative technology and implementation partners is an important part of migration to a headless architecture. With an increasing number of technologies to choose from, it can be difficult to know which solution will bring the best results. Salesforce understands this dilemma, and has seen results by taking steps to have conversations with customers to better understand their digital transformation journey rather than simply supplying the technology.

“Being engaged with customers, prospects, [and] understanding what they’re trying to solve is a critical element of being successful and building a great product.” –Terence Tirella, Senior Product Manager, Salesforce

The benefits of headless can be applied to many different types of customers, from those who want a total replatform to those who only want to change what is necessary, which may be unique for each business.

Ultimately, customer experience should be top of mind for all brands and retailers. Consistent ecommerce innovation through experimentation can only be achieved with the implementation of a headless commerce architecture. Contact us to discover how a web storefront for your headless architecture can unlock the agility you’ve been dreaming about.

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