Vanity Fair Mobile: 12 Launches of 2011

Vanity Fair is a classic high-brow magazine focused on US and world
culture, politics, economics and more.


Vanity Fair is wide-ranging, smart and excellent reading to stay in
touch with world and US culture. It’s also a beautiful magazine to see,
feel and read.

So creating a mobile site that lives up to the Vanity Fair brand
expectations is a tall order.

We’re pleased to see that Vanity Fair mobile lives up to those
expectations because the team at Vanity Fair did a terrific job with
their design on the Mobify Platform.

User experience? Smooth and easy. Typography design? Clear and lovely.
Content? Top notch.

The Vanity Fair team has delivered some really great work.

12 Launches of 2011 covers a dozen selected mobile sites launched in
2011 on the Mobify Platform.

It’s a celebration and a big thank you to all our customers for making
2011 Mobify’s best year yet!

Read all 12 Launches of 2011.

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