Your Top 5 Questions on Progressive Mobile, Answered

The rapid pace of innovation set by technology giants makes it difficult to stay on top of the latest in mobile and identify the best opportunities for your brand.

Progressive Mobile is a leading edge technology approach that enables app-like experiences on the web – the latest trend in mobile courtesy of Google. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about Progressive Mobile from our prospects and customers, so we’ve put together answers to address any questions you may have.

Get answers to the top 5 questions below or download the complete Progressive Mobile FAQ for more insights.

1. What is Progressive Mobile?

Progressive Mobile is a customer-first technology approach that delivers a unified mobile experience across web and apps. It enables retailers to provide customers with the best experience possible for whatever screen they choose, with 2-4X faster page speeds that result in higher conversion rates and deeper engagement.

Progressive Mobile is made up of Progressive Mobile Web and Progressive Mobile Apps.

2. Is a Progressive Mobile website responsive?

Progressive Mobile leverages responsive web design techniques to seamlessly operate across all mobile screens. If you’re thinking of going responsive, Mobify’s Progressive Mobile solution achieves the benefits of responsive design and results in 2-4X faster performance.

Already have a responsive website? The features of Progressive Mobile layer on top of existing responsive websites to deliver app-like experiences on the mobile web.

3. What are the app-like features of Progressive Mobile Web?

  • 2-4X page speed improvements
  • App-like design that works across screens
  • Web push notifications
  • Home screen icon that enables home screen real estate without an app download
  • Search engine visibility as an app
  • Offline mode that keeps customers connected on low-quality wi-fi

4. How does Progressive Mobile Web result in 2-4X faster load times?

Progressive Mobile Web serves a single-page application that downloads all components on the first page load, which results in dramatically faster page speeds. Your customers won’t see the expected flash of white screen as they navigate between pages, and common elements, such as the page header, will persist throughout the transition, giving the perception of an instantaneous response.

Downloaded content can also be re-used in a new context. For example, if you’re transitioning from a product listing page to a product display page, the product thumbnail (which has already been downloaded) can be expanded to full-size as a placeholder for the product display image until the high resolution image is downloaded. You get actual page speed increases of 2-4X, but the perceived speed for the customer is even faster.

5. If Progressive Mobile Web creates app-like experiences on the web, why would I also need a Progressive Mobile App?

As the web becomes more app-like, the role of apps is evolving. Apps are becoming a platform to drive customer loyalty and create richer in-store experiences, in addition to their earlier transaction-focused role. Apps can differentiate the customer experience through sophisticated loyalty programs, gift registries, hardware (trackers, sensors, beacons), and advanced functionality (sizing with the camera, syncing between screens, location relevance).

Progressive Mobile is all about giving your customers the best experience possible no matter where they choose to engage with your brand (web or app).

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