Top 5 Hottest E-Commerce Trends from NRF’s Big Show 2014

Making sense of the epic stalls, presentations and messages at a conference like NRF Big Show 2014 can be a pretty exhausting endeavour.

The problem: it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees — or in this case, the valuable commercial insights from the hundreds of different ideas coming from all sides.

To help you get a complete picture of the major trends at NRF, we’ve analyzed each of the 29,000+ tweets during the conference to see which topics generated the most conversation among attendees.

Check it out below, along with Retail’s Big Show’s own summary infographic!

And let us know in the comments which topics caught your attention during the event!

Hottest E-Commerce Trends from NRF 2014


1. Omnichannel. This term has been on the rise for the last few years. Competitor terms “multi-channel” and “multi-device” are slowly being phased out by e-commerce leaders in favour of an expression that better describes the integrated approach of generating a complete view of the customer and their journey.

2. Analytics. Cross-channel attribution is one of the greatest challenges of high-volume retailers in 2014. Tablets, smartphones, desktops, and in-store kiosks all contribute to a customers conversion, but connecting the dots continues to be difficult.

3. In-Store. What is the future of in-store shopping? Some retailers are seeing less demand for brick and mortar shopping as online shopping become more ubiquitous. Others, however, are finding the distinction between the two is starting to blur as customers move between devices to accomplish their goals.

4. Mobile. This channel keeps growing but many retailers are finding the conversion rates to be stale. This year, companies will focus more on solving their mobile conversion challenges and may start looking into replatforming, leaving behind outdated, overly simplified m-commerce solutions.

5. Custom. More and more retailers are looking to provide unique, personalized experiences both online and in-store. This leads to both technological and contextual challenges that will need to be resolved in the coming months.

Retail’s Big Show’s NRF Summary Infographic

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