The David Suzuki Foundation’s Mobile Future


Recently, the David Suzuki Foundation, one of Canada’s premiere
environmental non-profits, launched their mobile website using Mobify
Studio.  Mobify got the chance to interview the David Suzuki
Foundation’s Creative Services Coordinator, Elijah Van Der Giessen.

MOBIFY: How does Mobify help the David Suzuki Foundation reach
new  audiences?


ELI: More and more, people are using their mobiles as their portal
of connection and information. It’s critical that we meet our audience
where they are.

Our mobile traffic is currently being driven via our email and social
media campaigns, which reflects the growth of email viewing on smart
phones. It’s important the our supporters have a good mobile experience
on their phones because they’ll only click on a link once. We don’t get
a second chance.

In addition, we want to engage New Canadians and diverse ethnic
communities. They tend to access the online world through their

MOBIFY: What is your mobile strategy?

ELI: Mobile is currently a small portion of traffic to David Suzuki
Foundation. It generates 2% of pageviews to
and 5% to our action alert pages at
But mobile is growing quickly.

The David Suzuki Foundation is taking a slow but steady approach to our
mobile strategy.

We’re adapting our main website so that key content is mobile-friendly,
we’ve got a mobile template for our donation forms, and we’ve got an
iPhone application for our SeaChoice project. All of these are low-cost,
low-effort approaches and we’re monitoring the uptake of these
experiments before we invest our limited resources into further mobile

Mobify was been a perfect partner for adapting our main website for
mobile, because of its ease of development and approachable pricing

We plan to launch our new site this month and promote its existence
through our social media channels. Our outreach representatives will be
also promoting our mobile site to New Canadians.

MOBIFY: Please describe your experience working with Mobify Studio

ELI:It was a pleasure to work with Mobify. Their site is full of
information. Their staff responds to enquiries promptly and effectively.

MOBIFY:Why did you chose Mobify over other mobile solution

ELI:We ’re constantly publishing new content. The fact that new
content in our desktop site is automatically updated on our mobile site
was key to our decision.

MOBIFY: What does the future hold for the David Suzuki Foundation?

ELI:We have a big celebration coming our way. David’s 75th Birthday
will be a major event and we’re preparing specific online actions. Our
mobile site will be part of the outreach for this celebration.

On behalf of all of us here at Mobify, we would like to thank Eli for
taking the time to talk to us.  Check out the new, mobile optimized
David Suzuki Foundation website by visiting on
your mobile device.