The Complete Guide to Mobile Commerce Strategy for 2017: Execute

It’s time to get serious about executing your mobile commerce strategy.

In Part 2 of The Complete Guide to Mobile Commerce Strategy for 2017, we take you through each stage of the shopping journey in detail. Our technology recommendations and best practices will help you put your strategy into action.

With Part 2: Execute of the mobile commerce guide, you and your marketing team will be equipped with actionable steps to build customer engagement and increase conversions. Your newly engaged customers will buy 90% more frequently and spend 300% more on average. Seizing this revenue opportunity is a matter of survival in our rapidly changing retail environment.   

“Customer expectations are changing as tech giants innovate. Shoppers expect a faster, easier, more personalized experience from retailers, on every digital screen.” – Peter McLachlan, Chief Product Officer, Mobify

If you missed Part 1: Plan, download it here.


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