Take Your Mobile Maturity Assessment

If you read our blog post about Forrester’s Mobile Mind Shift Maturity Framework, you might be wondering where your company fits in.

The majority of retailers have yet to determine how to fully leverage mobile – 87% of retail marketers have increased their mobile budgets for 2016, but many aren’t seeing success. Some still treat it as a mini-desktop, while others have taken a mobile-first approach, enabling customers to use smartphone functionalities to enhance the real-world shopping experience.

But you can take it one (or two) steps further. To help connect the dots, we have created an interactive assessment based off of Forrester’s Mobile Mind Shift Maturity Framework.

Complete our quick, interactive assessment to better understand each stage of mobile maturity, as defined by Forrester, using our unique scoring system to pinpoint where your company sits.

Once you know where you stand, we’ll help you identify next steps to level up your mobile maturity.


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