Tablet Commerce, Apple’s iPad and the Shift to a Post-PC World

The hits just keep coming for Apple’s iOS operating system.


Numbers from Net Applications for June, 2012 show iOS extending its lead in market share, accounting for 65% of all mobile web traffic for the month, an increase from 52% in June, 2011.  Google’s Android OS made up 20% of all mobile traffic, up from 14% in June, 2011, while BlackBerry, Symbian and Microsoft’s mobile offerings made up less than 5% combined.

The dominating traffic numbers of iOS and Android show how the battle for mobile operating systems has become a 2-horse race, together accounting for 85% of mobile web traffic. But how do those numbers break down by device?

According to data gathered by Monetate from more than 100-million transactions, tablets have grown in leaps and bounds and now make up 55% of all mobile device hits traffic to e-commerce sites.

And the leader of the tablet parade? The Apple iPad.

Overall tablet traffic increased by 348% year over year and 95% of tablet traffic was iPad traffic.

Over the same period, smartphone traffic grew by 117%. This is incredible growth yet considering the huge existing smartphone market that forms a larger base number.

What to do with a device like an iPad

So does this mean that tablet users do more for the bottom line than smartphone users?

Not necessarily. Tablets like the iPad are the next wave in the post-PC world. The number of devices visiting a website is increasing in number and in complexity – there are more different devices all the time hitting websites. That’s the macro trend we’re seeing unfolding.

Will TVs be next? What about a new Apple product with a 7-inch screen, somewhere between an iPhone and an iPad?

No one except insiders knows. We can guess with different levels of sophistication and accuracy but pretty close to 100% of these predictions end up wrong.

Since we don’t like those odds, we’ve taken a different approach to the post-PC world. We’ve built a platform that adapts a website in real-time to any current or new device using a browser to visit a website.

What does that look like today? Today we know tablets are terrific for e-commerce.

So for tablets like the iPad, here’s website adaption powered by Mobify on our customer Ideeli’s website.

Full-screen browsing in both portrait and landscape orientations, persistent interface elements for usability, touch and swipe navigation for natural interaction and full commerce functionality with streamlined checkout.

It’s all at – a website that adapts to the iPad and mobile today, powered by the Mobify platform.

So when the next device type comes along, it’s just one more adaptation for the website and it’s all served from

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