How Retailers Can Invest in Growth and Loyalty at the Same Time

Until very recently, ecommerce marketers had to treat growth and customer loyalty with two different mindsets. But with breakthroughs in mobile technology, new opportunities have emerged to bridge this business gap.

Mobile Web 2.0

Historically, ecommerce growth has been focused on search engine optimization (SEO), or discounts given to customers. Loyalty initiatives were oriented toward trying to drive customers back to retail stores through catalogues or promotions. Until today, these two investment streams were unconnected.

Now, advancements in mobile web technology are creating openings for important business integrations. Mobify’s customers are finding that investments in Progressive Mobile Web are contributing to revenue growth and driving loyalty across a variety of customers and channels. Investments in superior mobile web experiences – that feel like an app – are lowering the amount of friction experienced by users, resulting in increased customer acquisition and sales.

Because Google announced it will increase search engine rankings of sites that have superior mobile usability, investing in mobile web now also benefits your SEO. Budgets spent on sales and ecommerce marketing are much better used if the retailer has a Progressive Mobile Web experience to go with it.

What About Native Apps?

For many retailers, the most successful use case for native apps is loyalty. Apps have been the go-to platform for engaging customers in loyalty points programs and in-store promotions.

At one point in time, it required huge capital investment to create an app. Today, investing in a progressive web experience offers you mobile web with the face and functionality of a native app.

Now, our customers are reporting that their investments in mobile have made it easier for them to run their loyalty initiatives on the web, because they don’t have to pick between acquisition and reach, or loyalty and retention. With an investment in technologies like Mobify, you get a solution for both.

Platform Solution

Mobify’s platform makes it easy to launch an app-like web experience, and offers integration with companies like Salesforce or SAP Hybris – providing a holistic retail solution. At Mobify, we understand the revolution of the retail environment means the customer journey can begin or end anywhere, and that the silos in SEM departments inhibit marketers from seeing the big picture. Investing in mobile web is an investment in an omnichannel advantage, where you can reach your customers in all their mobile moments.

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