Your Essential Push Notification Checklist

Push notifications are targeted, actionable messages that facilitate the connected consumer’s shopping journey across channels. Once a shopper opts in, personalized notifications will appear directly on their device screen, ensuring that it’s visible in the exact moment when it’s relevant. The high visibility of these types of messages is an opportunity for your brand to provide real value – when done correctly. If you spam customers with irrelevant content you will tarnish their view of your brand – not to mention they’ll opt out of your push notifications.

When sent strategically, these personalized messages, built around time, location and behaviour can unlock relevant offers and helpful information for the consumer, driving deeper engagement and pushing them further along the path to purchase.

Before you press send, make sure to check off the following:

  • Personalized

Your customers only want to see content that is personalized. By opting in to receive push notifications, they’ve granted you access to a very direct and personal line of communication – and they expect you to respect that. A 20-year old female doesn’t need to know when you’ve received a shipment of new men’s socks, just as a 50-year old male doesn’t need to know when you’re having a cosmetics sale.

  • Behaviour Triggered

Push notifications can be triggered by a customer’s shopping behaviour. For example, if they abandoned their shopping cart yesterday, you could send them a reminder to complete their purchase. Or if they bought a sweater in your store last month, you could let them know that you have new sweaters in-stock. Whatever the customer’s action was, your push notification should be a logical follow up that is relevant to their shopping behaviour and preferences.  

  • Location-Sensitive

Another relevant trigger for a push notification is location. Send your customers a promo as they’re walking by your store and you’re sure to draw them in the door. You’re catching them in the right moment as it’s convenient for them to follow up and take the next step toward making a purchase.

  • Well Timed

When a customer receives a push notification, their phone lights up and buzzes. This is great to ensure that the customer sees the notification in the exact moment when it’s relevant – it can also be really annoying if they’re receiving them at all hours of the night. Ensure that you’re cognizant of different timezones when sending push notifications to customers across different regions.

By ticking all these boxes, you’ll ensure that your customers are receiving relevant, timely content and not the dreaded spam. To learn more best practices, download our guide on the latest Push Notification Best Practices.



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