Push Notifications Improving Opt Ins: Complementary Colours

The ideal way to achieve this is to have a visible and compelling subscription message which entices a visitor to subscribe the first time. This can take some iterations and testing to get the combination right for your audience.

You don’t have to be a design pro to convert more of your eligible visitors to web push receivers.
It’s Elementary, Watson!

One of the best practices for driving up web push subscriptions is completing a simple color wheel exercise.
Looking at the colours that dominate your web pages can give you a clue towards which colours you should be using to complement your brand.

Colour Wheel

Take our Merlin’s Potions demo website, for example. The primary colour used throughout is a shade of violet. The call to action on core ecommerce pages are the same violet. This helps to create an easy to recognize pathway for shoppers to find the next step towards purchase.

Instead of utilizing that same colour for the icon and button in the web push ask, consider using a contrasting colour. Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist Ben Cole says, “Strong colour contrast is crucial because it guides the attention of a customer instantly towards the desired next step.” In this case, our recommendation for Merlin’s Potions would be to change the web push ask to yellow to help it pop on screen.

Mobify’s web push notifications allow your visitors to subscribe to messages without deviating far. Once subscribed, they carry on with their purchase as before, but they have the chance to hear from your brand through a new channel.
Reflecting back on the pace at which collecting emails for your marketing database, web push notification subscribers may take time. As with other aspects of your ecommerce ecosystem, we encourage iteration and testing of colour schemes. Talk to your Customer Success Manager or send us a chat message when you’re logged in to the Mobify Connection Center if you have any questions.

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