Push Notification Use Cases: 20 Ways to Push to the Top

One of the most important aspects of your push notification strategy is determining what use cases make the most sense for your brand. You need to send your customers messages that they want to receive.

Push notifications can be broken down into two camps, promotional and non-promotional, or alternatively, revenue drivers and engagement drivers.

Revenue Drivers

When it comes to revenue drivers, there is no limit to what you can send. Each use case can be triggered by an event or behavior such as visiting a website, usage history, or physical location.

Examples include:

1. Wishlist: Send a notification when an item in their wishlist goes on sale.

2. Sales and Promotions: Announce a limited time sale, driving customers to the website or store to convert.

3. Social Share CTA: Entice shoppers to share their favorite products with their social networks for a promo code.

4. Local Pages: Send location-specific promotions to customers who have viewed a local store landing page.

5. Price Alerts: Send pricing changes to users who are watching out for price fluctuations on specific products or holiday destinations.

6. Renewal: Remind customers that a product needs to be reordered/refilled.

7. New Products: Notify customers of relevant new products.

8. In-store Coupons: Send shoppers a coupon when they walk in your store, encouraging them to buy something.

9. Retarget: Send promotions to customers who have been browsing your website.

10. Drive In-Store: Send shoppers a coupon when they walk near your store, encouraging them to come into the retail location.

11. Abandoned Cart: Remind customers when they have an item sitting in their shopping cart, reducing shopping cart abandonment.

12. Discounts: Send discounts to repeat customers.

Engagement Drivers

Engagement drivers can help raise brand awareness and satisfaction levels – they are very convenient when well timed and easily actionable.

Examples include:

13. Exclusives: Provide exclusive events and offers to push notification subscribers.

14. Loyalty Programs: Inform customers of how many loyalty points they’ve accumulated and how they can use them.

15. Weather Updates: Send weather updates such as storm warnings for a specified region.

16. ‘Back in Stock’ Items: Notify customers when an item they’ve been following comes back in stock, or when an upcoming product they’ve been watching finally comes online.

17. Package Tracking: Notify customers when their order has been shipped.

18. App Downloads: Encourage customers to download your app.

19. ‘Sold Out’ Warnings: Warn customers when certain products have almost sold out.

20. News Updates: Send breaking news headlines or news updates.

These use cases work for both web push notifications and app push notifications – app push covers your most loyal customers and web push provides a much wider reach. Mobify is excited to announce that we are making that reach even wider with the addition of desktop push notifications for Firefox.


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