The Fastest Path to Progressive Web Apps For Salesforce Commerce Cloud Customers

Do you use Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware)? If so, we’ve launched a new way to connect you with your mobile customers for higher conversion and better engagement. The new Mobify Connector API will allow Salesforce ecommerce platform customers to quickly upgrade their mobile websites to high-converting Progressive Web Apps.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables brands to provide personalized experiences for shoppers that span web, mobile, social, and in-store. Now, with the Mobify Connector, brands can deliver completely unified experiences for customers that extend beyond commerce to include marketing, customer service, and more.

“Many retailers are looking to get started with Progressive Web Apps, but most simply don’t have the resources to build and maintain a fast mobile site that’s easily integrated with Commerce Cloud,” said Peter McLachlan, Mobify Chief Product Officer. “Mobify and Salesforce have addressed many key challenges that customers are likely to encounter on the road to a great mobile web experience.”

Rapid Development

To ensure a fast development process, the Mobify Connector leverages Commerce Cloud Open Commerce APIs, eliminating the process of “scraping” HTML from a company’s desktop site. It includes a Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge, certified to easily integrate with the Mobify platform using a few simple steps. These integrations can save significant implementation time and ensure that mobile and desktop experiences can be improved independently, without the need for custom code, even in conjunction with a change of ecommerce platform.  

“Everything and everyone is becoming more connected and smarter than ever before,” said Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh, SVP, Partner Programs, Salesforce, in a recent press release. “Companies that leverage cloud, social, mobile and AI technologies, such as retailers working with Mobify, have the opportunity to innovate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and transform their businesses.”

Why Progressive Web Apps

Retailers are increasingly turning to Progressive Web Apps, with Mobify customers experiencing page speed increases of of up to 4x versus responsive design, frequently resulting in double-digit conversion rate increases. Mobify’s Progressive Web App development approach provides faster time to market versus in-house development. The new Mobify Connector offers further savings in time and development costs, thanks to its pre-built integration and continual improvement by Mobify. Watch this 90-second video for more on PWAs for ecommerce.

With the Mobify Connector, retailers can:

  • Increase mobile performance by reducing the amount of data required on slow mobile networks by leveraging the Open Commerce APIs, for a performance boost for all mobile shoppers.
  • Reduce time to market for ecommerce efforts, by leveraging best-practice Mobify Progressive Web App components, designs, and the new built-in Commerce Cloud integrations.
  • Respond to increases in mobile traffic, leveraging new mobile speed and engagement technologies at a reported 20% lower cost of developing an app.

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