Progressive Web App Performance Benchmarks for Ecommerce

As more and more companies move towards Progressive Web Apps (PWA), they want to be able to compare their metrics to industry averages and identify opportunities to improve their customer experience.

The latest edition of the Mobile Commerce Insights Report includes ecommerce benchmarks specific to PWAs, from micro-conversion rates to bounce rates to page load speed. Get the full report for all the results or read on to see the page load benchmarks.

Why Performance Benchmarks Matter

A great marketing and SEO strategy should be paired with a performant site that is a delight for shoppers to browse. You’ve already done the hard work of getting shoppers to your site, so don’t let them down once they get there!

Overall site speed and performance is key. A fast initial load with AMP pages can be paired with fast subsequent load with PWA pages to make sure your customer experience is quick and easy to use.

Median Performance Benchmarks

It’s important to monitor both your first page load and subsequent page load. While the first could impact your bounce rate, the second could impact the rest of your user experience and a multitude of metrics.

Performance Benchmarks by Page Type

Now, we know that all page types are not equal – a Product Listing Page (PLP) and PDP typically have more content than home, cart, and checkout pages. It can be helpful to inspect pages at a more granular level to help you understand friction in the shopper journey, especially if you notice below average continuation rates or above average bounce rates for a particular page type.

Median First and Subsequent Page Load Benchmarks by Page Type charts

What’s Next?

If your PWA benchmarks are coming in below average, it’s time to do some digging.

The Lighthouse tool is a trusted method of testing the quality of a PWA, but creating a high-quality PWA isn’t a set it and forget it process. Continuous Lighthouse testing helps prevent the quality from diminishing over time. You can learn more about Lighthouse testing here.

You may also want to consider this guide to ecommerce performance to help you better understand how to boost your site performance to improve revenue, conversions, and retention.

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