[Video] Progressive Mobile: Doubling Mobile Web Speed

See how Progressive Mobile can double your mobile web speed

Faster mobile performance means your customers can move around your site freely – and customers who browse more, buy more.

Progressive Mobile technology improves page speed 2 to 4 times, by removing unnecessary page components that are only required on desktop screens.

Our research shows that for every 100 millisecond decrease in homepage load speed, our customers see a 1.11% lift in session-based conversion. In other words, for every half second decrease in homepage load speed, our customers see an average annual revenue increase of $376,789. 

In addition, Progressive Mobile Web delivers an app-like experience by taking advantage of new progressive browser functionalities, like web push notifications and location marketing.

Watch a demonstration on one of our customers’ mobile sites, PureFormulas, to see Progressive Mobile in action.

There’s more to Progressive Mobile than just speed. See how offline mode works.