How to Champion Mobile at Your Company [Part 1]

The mobile landscape, and the mobile shopping landscape in particular, has evolved significantly over the last few years. You’ve been watching the trends, you understand the importance of mobile and what it means for your brand’s bottom line.

Retailers can no longer afford to ignore their mobile customers as more than 50% of ecommerce traffic is driven by mobile. A poor mobile experience doesn’t just affect online purchases, it also affects mobile-influenced sales. Shopping is an omnichannel experience and your mobile presence is a crucial component of that; 84% of in-store shoppers use their mobile devices before or during a shopping trip. Each interaction with the customer gives you the opportunity to enhance the overall shopping experience and increase customer loyalty.

But why are we telling you this? You already know what an enhanced mobile shopping experience could do for your brand, but it’s challenging to communicate that with the rest of your company. We’ll provide guidance and resources to help you become the champion for mobile within your organization.

Spreading the Good Word: The Impact of Mobile Shopping

Last year, mobile shopping grew 48% year-over-year – three times more than e-commerce in general. Mobile shopping is the future of retail and if your brand isn’t creating exceptional mobile shopping experiences, then it is falling behind.

Planning, investing and executing a mobile strategy isn’t a one person job. It requires resources and buy-in from multiple people within your organization. Customize and share the PowerPoint presentation below to educate others within your company on the importance of mobile.

Download and customize this PowerPoint presentation to share with your colleagues. 

Creating More Mobile Champions

Once you’ve shared these facts, your colleagues will begin to see the value of implementing a mobile solution. Now that you’ve peaked their interest, they may want to learn more. Download and share the whitepaper below to provide further concrete proof on the value of mobile.

Once you’ve educated your colleagues on the importance of the mobile shopping landscape, you won’t be the only person championing mobile for your brand. Stay tuned for next steps in implementing exceptional mobile shopping experiences, this is Part 1 of a four part series on the Definitive Guide to Mobile Shopping.

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