Increasing Conversion Rates With Unique Shopping Flows

Conversion rates are notoriously low on mobile – but why?

This is the number one pain point for most retailers. Ever since customers began turning to their connected devices to shop, retailers have been obsessing over how to increase this percentage point.

Today, people actually spend more time consuming digital media on their mobile device than on desktop, 51% versus 42% – so why are conversion rates lower on mobile?

Average conversion rates*Source: Smart Insights
**Source: Mobify Research and Development

In part, because mobile is used in a different context than desktop. People are usually on the go while using their mobile devices, or perhaps already standing in a store – 75% of consumers use their smartphones in-store. While in-store customers are often researching product information or checking reviews, they are also converting. Of those customers who use their smartphone in-store, 25% will actually make a purchase on their mobile device while standing in the store. This could include buying an item that is out of stock, or much to the disappointment of the retailer, ordering a similar product from a competitor.

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Needless to say, the different context isn’t an excuse for low mobile conversions. Retailers need to adapt to the changing behavior and environment of consumers, and craft a unique user experience for each channel. Whether the consumer is on their desktop, tablet or mobile, the shopping flow should be customized for that specific device. Resizing images isn’t sufficient, you need to adapt the flow and rearrange call to action buttons across each device to optimize for conversions.

Keep in mind that conversion optimization isn’t a one and done process. In order to maximize your mobile conversion rate, you must continually conduct expert A/B, multivariate and multi-page testing, and make optimizations based on the results.

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