Number One Reason Why People Abandon Shopping Carts on Mobile

Number One Reason Why People Abandon Shopping Carts on Mobile

If you’ve been in the business for a while, it won’t surprise you that the cost of shipping is one of the main reasons customers abandon their shopping cart. Some sources (e.g. Top Ten Reviews) estimate that it’s the reason for almost 70% of abandoned carts across the web.

On mobile sites, the stakes are even higher: No one wants to find out that the actual cost is more than anticipated. And that bump in the checkout journey can be enough for someone to lose interest.

That’s why, if you want to boost mobile conversion rates, you must rework the shipping options on your mobile shopping cart.

Here are three ways you can optimize shipping to reduce sticker shock and improve checkout rates.

1. Put shipping before the payment.

You can really boost customer confidence by showing shipping costs and return policies throughout the checkout process in easy-to-see locations on touch screens, starting with the product page.

Helping customers also understand returns reduces anxiety about a purchase, and leaves customers free to focus on completing the checkout.

2. Use location services to estimate costs.

Even better, go the extra mile and use device location services to estimate the shipping costs. While it’s not foolproof — for example, if the shopper is shipping a gift — doing so saves time and gives the potential total cost up-front.

Which brings us to the best shipping cost of all…

3. Free.

Yes, do everything you can to offer free shipping. The majority of customers are happy to use slower shipping if its free. For most people, an extra couple of days doesn’t mean too much, if the price ($0) is right.

If you’re able to address all of the above, you’re one step closer to having a wholly optimized cart and checkout experience. Shipping costs aren’t the only things stopping mobile shoppers in their tracks though.

Check out the 9 Common Causes of Shopping Cart Abandonment ebook to learn more about what causes your customers to abandon mobile shopping carts, and what you can do to optimize your mobile checkout to boost conversion.

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