No, I’m Not Creating an Account

Online shopping accounts help to tailor the customer experience. They allow consumers to find relevant products based on their buying habits and help businesses to keep in touch. But are custom accounts really turning your customers away?

Creating an account can be a deal breaker for customers who simply wanted a quick in-and-out experience. According to Econsultancy, 25.6% of online consumers would abandon a purchase if they were forced to register first. If a guest checkout option isn’t available, those customers are highly likely to abandon their shopping carts.

Here are some tips for improving your mobile checkout:

Make it easy. Filling out forms on mobile can be a time-consuming process. Give buyers the option of a guest checkout alongside an account-based checkout so that it’s quick and painless for them to make their purchases.

Help customers help themselves. Make the option for a guest checkout easy to find. Get Elastic reports that 90 percent of mobile use is in portrait mode, so if the guest checkout option ends up in an area where customers need to scroll down to find – assume they don’t know it’s there.

It’s important that customers are able to make purchases however they want from wherever they are. Using these tips will make sure that your customers can see their options and that they are compatible with their devices, their buying habits, and their lifestyles.

There’s more to mobile cart abandonment than accounts — learn more about why customers abandon mobile shopping carts in the 9 Common Causes of Mobile Cart Abandonment e-book.

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