Monthly Mobile Commerce Benchmarks for 2017

The mobile world moves fast. Evolving technology and shifting customer expectations make it difficult to stay on top of the latest mobile commerce benchmarks and trends.

Here, we bring you monthly mobile commerce benchmarks to do check-ins on your brand’s performance, and identify opportunities to accelerate mobile performance and drive revenue.

May 2017

mobile share of total by metric graph for 2017 May benchmark

Key Takeaway

  • There’s still a gap between sessions and revenue on mobile versus desktop, but that gap is narrowing.


average conversion rates by device and AOV graph for 2017 May benchmark

Key Takeaway

  • Online retailers selling lower price point products are seeing more traction on mobile, but retailers of expensive goods are not far behind.

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April 2017

user distribution by operating system and version graph for 2017 April benchmark


user distribution by top browsers and browser version graph for 2017 April benchmark

Key Takeaways

  • Traffic is fairly evenly split at approximately 60% iOS and 40% Android, so you need to cater to both.
  • iOS users are more homogeneous – the majority use Safari and their operating system and browser versions are up-to-date.
  • Android users are more diverse technology-wise. Most are on the older version of Android, and, while most are using Chrome, many use an older version of the browser.
  • Safari users tend to stay up-to-date, while Chrome and Samsung users don’t update their browsers as often.
  • 5% of users are actually viewing ecommerce sites on Facebook’s browser.

Top 5 Devices Your QA Team Needs

  1. iOS Version 10.2
  2. iOS Version 10.3
  3. Android Version 6.0
  4. Android Version 7.0
  5. Android Version 5.1

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